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The Challenge

EDGE Original Incorporated Records (EOI Records) is a record label built to empower creatives to be the main touchpoint for all their creative materials and to enable them to make income off their craft. To do this, EOI Records needed a way to turn their business idea into capital. Upon finalizing their business model, they approached our team to build out their online presence which would enable them to scale out new processes. EOI Records didn’t want to be seen as an everyday record label; they needed to be represented as a brand that would guide artists to the top. To accomplish this, we created a scalable online infrastructure to highlight music that was being created in their songwriting camps and provide a platform for musicians to highlight their new song releases and content all over the world. Initially, EOI Records utilized Soundcloud as their main distribution platform for their songwriting camps, but with our help, we streamlined their talent pipeline all in-house via the website. We created an online music repository that would allow EOI Records to match individual artists with other musicians for their songwriting camps. Eventually, this web infrastructure would be expanded worldwide for artists from all over to participate.

The Results

The results from their new website brought EOI Records to be recognized as a one-of-a-kind establishment through their credibility and trustworthiness. Their care and attention to nurture their artists at every step of their songwriting journey has made EOI Records the one-stop-shop for aspiring artists who don’t know where to begin with their music career. Additionally, the website has allowed EOI Records to focus their time on aspects of their company that matter such as putting on more songwriting camps. Rather than focusing on acquiring more artists, EOI Records can now feel at peace knowing their sign up system is streamlined through automated processes. The website alone has grown their organic online visitors and songwriting camps have been 100% booked since the launch of the new site. EOI Records has hosted 2 successful songwriting camps and they have many more in the pipeline, with the hopes of expanding to an international scale. So far, they’ve created songwriting partnerships with University of Mexico, University of South Korea, a couple UC campuses, and many more individual artists.

“Building a micro-industry from the ground up is hard work, trying to communicate the grandness of the idea is even harder. Thankfully Free Logic was able to capture and communicate the epic scale, and support all aspects from design, customer experience, to backend database management and display of database entries for music supervisors and other professional customers. Also, they’re pretty epic people to hang with and grab a drink with 🍻. Can’t recommend Free Logic highly enough.”

Ethan Castro

Founder, EOI Records

Our Approach

Our team needed to understand how to leverage their online infrastructure to create a repository for their musicians. We recommended fine tuning their business model by using new ways to find and articulate their musicians. Through their songwriting camp sign ups, EOI Records found it more readily accessible to find their talent pipeline, which would allow for their registration and online marketing processes to be streamlined. By implementing tech stack integrations such as Mailchimp, our team was able to automate their sign up process to glean musicians. The streamlined process to find talent took out the busy work from EOI Records so that they could focus on cultivating artists’ talent with their existing members.

The Success Metrics our Team Implemented to Keep EOI Records on Beat​

  1. Fine tune their business model and work with them to discover the best way to get a talent pipeline leveraging online mediums to establish a vision for the label.
  2. Create a unique and welcoming brand and functional website architecture.
  3. Store all content in house by leveraging tech stack to communicate with artists, to register artists for songwriting camps, and to expand the reach for projects created by EOI Records’ affiliated artists.

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