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There's no Silver Bullet to Building a Successful Company.

It requires a lot to succeed, and as a team of doers, we know that.

Our Work

We work with a diverse range of clients, but have a big heart for early-stage startups, mission driven organizations, and business founders with a growth mindset.

Website • Branding • Content • SEO • Email • Ads
J'Bez Barbershop

A Modern Take on a Time Honored Tradition of Barbering

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Business Strategy • Website • Branding • Content Creation
EDGE Sound Research

Introducing the Sonic Dimension in Sound

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Web Design • Web Development • Strategy • Analytics
The LGBTQ Center of the Desert

A Website as State-of-the-Art as the Software

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Web Design • Web Development • Content Creation
Unique Carpets, Ltd

A Website Modernized and Streamlined for Improved Customer Experience

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Partners in the Long Game

Combining the creativity of an agency and the analytical approach of a consultancy, we work closely with you to create highly tailored strategies for: business, research, and customer acquisition all driven by UX and storytelling. We're your partner in the long game, and will prepare you for all avenues of your business by empathizing with your problems to accelerate your business towards your vision.

“Our non-profit here in the Coachella Valley hired Free Logic to help us develop a new website that would bring our outdated one into the 21st century... Not only were they a joy to work with during the process, but they also delivered exactly what we had been needing... We have had nothing but positive feedback on our new website since its launch and are being contacted more than ever from new people inquiring about our services and from long-time community members.”

Rob Wheeler

Executive Director & CEO,
The LGBTQ Center

“The team at Free Logic has the most uniquely innovative minds on this planet and I am 100% aware that our company would not have the amount of press, opportunities, or exposure if they weren’t involved. They specialize in taking madman ideas (like mine) and crafting the perfect explanation (with stunning graphics!) so that others can understand my foreign techno-babble. Seriously, if you are trying to communicate with people, you need some Free Logic in your life.”

Ethan Castro

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer,
Edge Sound Research

“Finding the right partnership or service to take your storefront business into an e-commerce store can be very difficult. In my experience with consulting companies, they do not spend enough time learning the business model and mission to get my website reflecting my storefront. Free Logic has been able to do that and more. With their experience in business and digitalization, I’m confident we can develop a website experience that revolutionizes the way barbershops are run online.”

Gerson Lemus

J'Bez Barbershop

“Free Logic Inc has not only provided valuable support and guidance as Caravanserai Project is developing its online strategy, but it has become a trusted partner in our efforts to design and provide capacity building programs that meet the needs of mission-driven organizations.”

Mihai Patru

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer,
Edge Sound Research

“It was great working with Free Logic. They shared all the possible ways to integrate all the functionalities we wanted. Their insights and input helped us make the user journey easier for our students. We greatly appreciate their work on our website! Val and Heidi were great to work with and really helped portray our mission and values clearly into our website. Their combination of business marketing knowledge and technical expertise has launched our nonprofit to the next level!

Ankita Ahluwalia

Founder, Tutor, Executive Director
POWAN Initiative

“As an upstart, purpose driven brand it’s unbelievably challenging to gain users attention in a noisy and highly competitive market. Yet by building on the latest digital innovations and analytical marketing approach with the talented digi-native team of Free Logic Inc, nothing seems impossible. Their customer centric marketing approach combined with a confident “can do” technical know-how is definitely giving us the leading edge we need to build our global presence. I’m overly impressed by the expertise, heart and dedication that Free Logic’s team is putting into reaching our goals and mission.”

Päivi Paltola

Founder and Chairman of the Board,

Delivering Meaningful Impact


Revenue Growth, 2019-2022

Our Objective

Leverage digital marketing best practices to simplify consumer interactions and gather data to reinforce an expansion strategy.


Funding Growth, 2020-2021

Our Objective

Establish a strong online presence for ease of discoverability and amplifying the impact of the mission.


Pre-Seed Funding Raised, 2021-2022

Our Objective

Create customer feedback loops to gather customer insights to better understand & deploy the startup’s driving levers.

How We Work

We work closely with our clients to create, test, and scale the best approach to grow their brand backed by data. There is no ‘magic bullet’ to sustainable growth, which is why we spend time learning your business objective, existing limitations for growth, and opportunities in the current market landscape.

Phase 1: Learning Your Customer

Who am I selling to and why do they care?

Phase 2: Telling the Best Story to Your Customer

Who am I selling to and why do they care?

Phase 3: Listening to Your Customers

Is my solution matching the needs of my customer?

Phase 4: Growing Your Customer Base

Do I have the best approach to grow my business?

Phase 5: Creating More Value for Your Customers

Are there ways I can deliver more value to my customers?

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