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The Challenge

Emily Grene approached us for assistance in modernizing their digital strategy and online persona. While the company was proving successful within the B2B market, there was a clear lack of focus on a digital strategy that would ensure sustainable growth from an online presence. Also, there was a gap in messaging to articulate the various business units of Emily Grene upon landing on a simple one-page website, which created a disconnect between their off and online brand identity. This original website was not designed with the end-user or a scalable infrastructure in mind, so visitors had minimal opportunities to engage with the brand. Ultimately, this led to minimal success growing the brand online and capturing interest from potential paying customers.

The Results

From a total website redesign working closely with Milesbrand, to paid and organic campaign design, shiny new lead generation systems, and multiple original videos and photos for use across all platforms, we have enabled Emily Grene to soar above and beyond the competition. Each subcategory and brand within the company umbrella has its own tone and style. This newly redesigned and re energized Emily Grene site not only led to a growth in organic traffic but also helped to establish them on the Inc 5000 Regionals list.

“No task has been too difficult for Free Logic, and they have worked with me one-on-one to overcome all of the obstacles that we encountered along the way. Having been their client from the very beginning of a Fortune 500 rebrand, I can honestly say that I have taken them to task and put them through pretty much every test imaginable. They continue to amaze me with what they do, how they do it and their attitude throughout it all.”

Deanna Masiar

Director of Marketing, Emily Grene

Our Approach

We began working with Emily Grene at the beginning of the company’s rebrand process. The company’s goal was to revamp its brand image in a way that distinctly identifies its eight subdivisions with unique value propositions.

Two Core Areas of a Digital Strategy

  1. Responsive Websites that instill trust in current and future customers with strong brand messaging.
  2. A Campaign Design integrating both organic and paid advertising as well as an email marketing strategy purpose-built to create powerful marketing automation.

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Effortless Browsing

Every page we designed is meant to enable the user to flow effortlessly through whatever they are looking for and allow them to find the information they are looking for with as few friction points as possible.

We pride ourselves on the time and effort we put into researching every client along with their competitors to enable better and more organic choices when designing a website. Emily Grene was no exception to this rule. Through stakeholder interviews, competitive analysis, high-fidelity mockups, and beyond. We gained the necessary information needed to build a website that stayed true to Emily Grene and their mission.

Scalability on Demand

Our process of creating a website starts with the understanding our clients will grow and require the space to grow. That is why we design every website with this in mind. If the business went from 1,000 daily users to 100,000, we wouldn’t break a sweat.

We design our website architecture the same way any business owner designs their business – for growth.

Content Build Around Collaboration

We made it our goal to create a collaborative and forward-thinking set of content pieces for Emily Grene. This goal can be seen through everything we worked on throughout the website, copywriting, video and photo content, as well as our paid campaigns.

We took charge of pushing Emily Grene into the forefront of what great content can be all while staying true to their overarching company mission. It is this sense of collaborative ownership that enables us to build content that goes beyond the now and into the future.

Scope of Work


Full-Service Website Development

Wireframes & High-Fidelity Mockups

UX/UI Design

Web Analytics

Data Analytics & Tracking

SEO Architecture

Zendesk & Zapier Integration


Content Strategy


Video Production

Blog Creation


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Stakeholder Interviews

Competitive Analysis


Marketing Automation



Target Audience

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