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The Challenge

Dashcam Viewer is software designed to organize videos from your dashcam to save you time and give you peace of mind while driving. The Dashcam Viewer software is far more advanced than its industry competition. Where Dashcam Viewer lacked was on their website, messaging, and branding. The company required a digital overhaul to establish a stronger brand and a better online user experience for their clients to convey the usefulness and function of the software.

The Results

Their website got a complete revamp from the ground up with scalability and growth in mind. Our team worked to convey the software’s compatibility capabilities across various dashcam models as well as simplify the purchase and download process. The success of the new website has led to growth in webpage interactions, CTA clickthrough rates and sales percentages. By redesigning  the Dashcam Viewer website’s UX to draw attention to the various pricing options, the company has seen an overall increase in sales and revenues, especially those coming from the premium version of the software.

“I hired Free Logic to redesign my company’s product website and implement an e-commerce solution. What a difference! The new website is professional, easy to navigate, visually stimulating, and completely tailored for my product. In addition to being website developers, they are talented designers with innovative ideas. I would definitely recommend them for your website development and SEO needs.”

John Coggi

Founder of Earthshine Software

Our Approach

We started our journey with Dashcam by first understanding the software and its capabilities. Although Dashcam Viewer’s functionality goes beyond industry standards, it lacked an online presence that really showed how much better its software is. The original website lacked a current and modern feel of tech websites, CTAs, informational diagrams, and effortless copy.

With that, we knew the next step for us would be to create a polished website that made downloads easy to access and user questions easy to answer. Our team did a complete digital transformation that replaced the old school experience, imagery, and wording with a modern and sleek style.

The Pillars of Dashcam Viewer's Digital Identity

  1. Create a forward-thinking and interactive website that makes people want to buy the software at first sight.
  2. Allow average users to effortlessly approach Dashcam Viewer through its informative copy and interaction flow of the website.
  3. Build an SEO schema that involves a data analytics system to permit future scalability of the company’s growth in mind.

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A Website As Seamless As A Software Download

One of the largest obstacles an e-commerce brand faces is the barrier to purchase. E-commerce sites often have endless pages of information that confuse users before even getting started. An e-commerce website should lay out the product details and functions at the forefront of the page leaving consumers with no doubts about what the product is. By enabling the website to be easy, accessible, and usable, our team was able to keep the user focused on the software and product.

Additionally, the old website had a 40+ page forum that we were able to condense into an easy-to-use contact forum and FAQ section. This allows users to easily access important product information that was previously buried under tons of comments. The original website used to be too technically heavy, so we focused on making the download process as easy as can be.

Putting You Right On Track

We developed an SEO plan that enabled Dashcam Viewer’s site to grow its rankings for keywords aligned with dashcam softwares. We optimized the individual product listings by incorporating keywords that made the website easily searchable. This change opened up the website for general hobbyists that enjoy dashcams. We combined the useful information of the software with keywords that leverage safety, user friendliness, and efficiency.

Data That Works For You

The worst thing you can do to invalidate your website’s efficacy is to not keep up with data tracking. That’s why our team implemented website analytic tracking using Google Analytics and Google Tags to understand user behavior. That information allowed the team to design a lead generation framework that would allow Dashcam Viewer to launch a robust ad campaign targeting the most optimal audience at their discretion.

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