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The Challenge

Cyber Defense Group (CDG) approached us to revamp their website and online persona to help them stand out from the rest. They did well with their clients and offline sales; however, their website’s user experience wasn’t intuitive and the site was hard to navigate. Additionally, the website felt convoluted leading to customer confusion and low engagement rate. With that, there was difficulty in expanding the brand and finding new clients online.

The Results

A completely new website and strengthened online persona have allowed Cyber Defense Group to appear more in tune with their brand image and reach customers more effectively. With the website redesign, the site is now easier to navigate with clear calls to action that make it easier for potential clients to contact CDG. Developing their online representation has also allowed them to challenge the industry standard and communicate their vision of establishing cybersecurity as an advantage instead of an unwanted cost for companies.

“Free Logic has been an integral part of our marketing strategy to rebrand our firm. They were able to efficiently design and implement a new website for us within a very quick turnaround.”

Tu Le

Marketing Coordinator

Our Approach

We worked with CDG to completely shift how they were being represented online. The design, imagery, graphics, and overall messaging of the site were used to communicate an approachable and friendly cybersecurity consultancy.

The Core Pieces to Creating Stronger Online Impressions

  1. Create a modern, minimal, and friendly design that shifts the perception of cybersecurity.
  2. Design a streamlined User Experience (UX) and write effective messaging to allow people to easily understand and access information about what CDG does.

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Shifting Perception

It was necessary to create a streamlined design and cohesive messaging to allow people to easily understand and access information about what CDG offers. Cybersecurity often gets perceived as daunting, so we designed the website with elements of calmness and nature to help users navigate it and view CDG through a different lens.

Approachable Messaging

Next on our list was addressing the internal production issues that were preventing them from being able to scale and grow. Their time consuming, manual processes and lack of concrete data of the platform’s functionality needs and of business strategy direction were the root causes. In order to combat this, we automated processes and simplified everything so that the team’s time and efforts could be used in more important areas. We helped create a MVP that would assist in creating a fully functioning platform. We also provided business insights for them to form a more structured approach to their business to continue to expand.

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