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The Challenge

As a Scandinavian brand, Circulove was trying to expand its business globally, with the US as its first target market. However, entering the US market was not easy as the team lacked a deep understanding of the US market, its current trends, and the steps to successfully launch in a vastly different market. These challenges prompted Circulove to approach our team to help with entering a new international market.

Strategically, they needed to build out a business model and infrastructure that would work at  a global scale. Digitally, they needed a website that would clearly articulate their brand mission, product offerings, and value propositions. Their brand and content needed to be consistent, in order for them to establish credibility and influence.

The Results

A new brand persona, website, and backend system made Circulove a full-fledged global e-commerce platform. Market development and marketing campaigns have allowed them to better understand what users in international markets look for in skincare products. Our team was able to help them reorganize their value propositions and better convey their PR presence, which resulted in better brand representation towards markets outside of the European market. On the digital end, the implementation of a newly redesigned website increased their website visitors, SEO metrics, keyword rankings, along with clicks on CPC ads.

“As an upstart, purpose driven brand it’s unbelievably challenging to gain users attention in a noisy and highly competitive market. Yet by building on the latest digital innovations and analytical marketing approach with the talented digi-native team of Free Logic Inc, nothing seems impossible. Their customer centric marketing approach combined with a confident “can do” technical know-how is definitely giving us the leading edge we need to build our global presence. Even working closely together between our teams over different time zones has been a breeze. I’m overly impressed by the expertise, heart and dedication that Free Logic’s team is putting into reaching our goals and mission.”

Päivi Paltola

The Founder and Chairman of the Board, Circulove

Our Approach

Our team worked with Circulove to build out a scalable e-commerce platform that not only catered to the European market, but also brought some flare to the West Coast. Firstly, we recommended holding focus groups to further market research in order to solidify the brand’s target audience and consumer persona. Secondly, a revised branding guideline was necessary to create a new website and social content that conveyed more of their brand personality. Thirdly, data analytics and e-commerce integration was implemented to track metrics for their website performance and sales. SEO and keywords worked in tandem with data tracking to help with rankings on search platforms. Lastly, we organized shipping logistics such as packaging and fulfillment centers that would allow them to function internationally. Amongst all these initiatives, we worked very closely with their team to create a collaborative effort with Circulove.

The Main Objectives of Building a Global Company

1. Build omni-channel relevance to reach out to our target customers on their own lifestyle domains.

2. Develop deeper, customer focus with frictionless user experience and relevant, fresh content.

3. Rebuild a regional website into a global platform with multi-market logistics and reseller partner integration.

4. Harness the power of a purpose driven Scandinavian brand to closely engage with multi-local audiences.

Taking a Scandinavian Brand Global by Helping Their US Market Entrance

One of the first things we approached was to re-build Circulove’s regional website to a global platform. We started by conducting focus groups with Los Angeles locals to gain insights on sustainable skincare products in their market. From those focus groups, we consolidated the points of emphasis the candidates repeatedly mentioned that were important to them. Additionally, we were able to take feedback points about the product formula itself to the production team based in Finland. Knowing that the Circulove products had not reached its final form, we were receptive to insights from these focus group candidates in determining what is an absolute non-negotiable in skincare products.

That first phase of market development assisted in our website design phase. Our team was able to integrate our findings into the website design approach. Rather than heavily focusing on text-based information, we pivoted by using more imagery-focused information. We knew that users approach e-commerce websites with the intention of purchase. Supplemental information such as where the ingredients are sourced, why their production process is more sustainable, and their partnership with local workers would strike the eye of consumers who genuinely care about social impact initiatives. Otherwise, in-depth information about the brand’s background could be left for different marketing avenues such as newsletters and email marketing.

Through these findings, we had to pivot to create a website that blended both – a good product that lives up to its name and a mission backing the product.

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Creating Content that Appeals to a Global Market

Through the insights we collected from conducting focus groups, we were able to understand that users don’t approach e-commerce websites seeking text-heavy information. They want to see the product detail, the product texture, and the product benefits.

We knew this is where content creation would bolster their mission stronger than what text could do. Their first website used a lot of stock imagery that had users feeling disassociated with their brand. In order to make the website feel more warm, we had to create original content that spoke the brand values through imagery. Our content consisted of natural elements that evoked the clean beauty elements of their skincare line. Additionally, we brought more diversity to the website by using skin tones of all ranges for the individual product listings. In this way, users from across the world can see how their skin tone would fare using the skincare products.

All the content that lives on their new website features photos and videos that were produced in-house. Activities from scouting the models to directing the photoshoot were done by our team.

E-commerce Set Up

Instead of building the site on Shopify like most e-commerce stores, we went with setting up the e-commerce functionality on WordPress. Doing so allows for the same smooth customer journey but with higher levels of customization. The e-commerce store is set up with various factors in mind, including the load speed, SEO, ease of updating, compatibility, and responsiveness, etc. – making the entire shopping experience as fluid as possible. Most importantly, the e-commerce function is integrated with email marketing and automation, which is Circulove’s first customer touchpoint.

Getting People to Buy Into Your Brand

Upon finishing the website, we wanted to take the conversation about Circulove a step further. The next ongoing step was to make the mission of sustainability and the circular economy a talking point outside the confines of the website.

We accomplished this through developing an influencer strategy that enabled sustainability and eco advocates to speak on behalf of the brand. We selected influencers that truly believed in the mission of Circulove and its social impact initiatives to provide a better Earth for generations to come.

Additionally, we created email marketing campaigns that allowed our viewers to feel like they were part of the community. Our goal was to bridge the gap from simply being an e-commerce brand to a lifestyle brand that cares about your wellbeing and the planet.

Our approach was to divert text heavy information to other marketing material that gave viewers the option to opt in to learn more information. Material such as newsletters, email marketing, and influencer marketing were avenues where consumers and followers can get more involved by learning more about the company and what it stands for.

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