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The Challenge

The Caravanserai Project has been a leader in empowering mission-driven organizations in the Inland Empire for multiple years and has set eyes on expanding across the United States to support more organizations. However, their minimal online presence and brand identity was a limiting factor to highlighting their offerings in technical assistance, masterclasses, and the SEED Lab program. They required a digital overhaul to establish a stronger brand and a better online user experience for their clients.

The Results

A new website was created from the ground up with scalability and growth in mind. Our team worked on a complete brand redesign and building out an outreach and marketing strategy that aligned with the goals and KPIs of Caravanserai. The new website has enabled growth in both webpage interactions as well as CTA clickthrough rates. The success the website redesign has brought has enabled the Caravanserai team to grow their email list as well as add a few donors to their list. Not to be outdone by the website redesign, our team designed totally new email designs, campaigns, and follower journeys. We implemented marketing campaigns through LinkedIn and Facebook Ads. These ad campaigns were a huge push for the brand and have resulted in massive growth in brand awareness as well as webinar sign-ups and attendance.  

“Free Logic Inc has not only provided valuable support and guidance as Caravanserai Project is developing its online strategy, but it has become a trusted partner in our efforts to design and provide capacity building programs that meet the needs of mission-driven organizations.”

Mihai Patru

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Caravanserai Project

Our Approach

We started our journey with Caravanserai by first understanding who they are and their impact and recognition throughout their community. This led us to perform stakeholder analysis and interviews on the leadership at Caravanserai as well as other nonprofit and mission-driven organizations they had previously worked with. Our analysis led us to find nothing by glowing reviews of Caravanserai’s work for their clients but a clear lack of understanding of the brand and the mission as a whole.  

With this newfound discovery, we knew the next step for us would be to have everyone who interacted or worked within the nonprofit and mission-driven organization world would know of Caravanserai and what they stand for.

Our Core Pillars of The Caravanserai Project Brand Awareness Campaign

  1. Ensure whoever has a touchpoint with the brand knows what Caravanserai stands for.
  2. Embrace all feedback as a means to progressing Caravanserai’s missions forward.
  3. Build an online platform that caters to the needs of the nonprofit and mission-driven organization community.

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Always Be Closing

One of the largest obstacles new businesses must face is understanding their brand.

For some businesses, this comes easy. But for others, their business deals with understanding and shifting recommendations holistically; there could be some disconnect from time to time. Caravanserai was in the latter of the bunch. Together we crafted a solution that would ensure people understood what Caravanserai stood for.

Enabling the Caravanserai team to know what their brand stands for is step one for ensuring success in their attempt to begin to scale their program across the United States. Our goal was to build a system that would allow anyone to offer services to those in need.

Community-Led Lead Generation

We developed a lead generation system that would help grow the following areas of their business:

  • Reaching new audiences with their free webinars.
  • Enabling leadership growth through their masterclass series.
  • Building social proof for the impact they are creating.

As a way to give back to the community, Caravanserai hosts multiple free webinars each month. This serves as a way for the community to learn more about the brand while also establishing a database for Caravanserai to promote future projects.

Caravanserai offers paid masterclasses aimed at enabling nonprofit and mission-driven organizational leaders to think and act with sustainability and future growth in mind. These masterclasses are complemented by the free webinars aimed at educating mission-driven organizations about global and local issues and their impact.

Social proof is one of the biggest tools in our arsenal. This is what ultimately tips leadership from attending multiple webinars to choosing to pursue the paid masterclasses. A large portion of our attention when building out Caravanserai’s lead generation system was dedicated to ensuring social proof was readily available for everyone at any stage in their customer journey.

A Website As Powerful As Your Mission

Your business or organization’s website is your brand in its purest form. We make sure it doesn’t suck.

When you work tirelessly on finding your mission and building your brand it can be easy to forget about your website. We come in to make sure you don’t. We worked with Caravanserai hand-in-hand to build a website that was easy to use, responsive, and informative. Through multiple rounds of wireframes and high-fidelity mockups alongside stakeholder interviews, we ensured the website would be one everyone on the Caravanserai team would be happy to call their own.

Along with all of this, we provided technical training to the Caravanserai team for free. We do not believe in leaving a client to learn about WordPress on their own after building their website. Our team believes in relationships and empowerment – we want our clients to be able to scale and maintain the website on their own if that is in their projected future.

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